Looking For A Piano Teacher In Singapore? Here’s How To Find The Best

In my previous post, I talked about whether you should get a lamp for upright pianos for Singaporean households. Because of that post, some of you have PMed me and asked whether I have recommendations or contacts for music teachers in Singapore as well. As a result of that, because I am a pianist myself on top of being a lighting store manager, I would like to share some contacts with you.

In this post, I shall share with you some contacts as well as tips for finding your own private piano teacher in Singapore. Whether you are searching for a music teacher for the first time for yourself or your child, or want to look for a new and better teacher, this is a must read post for you.

When it comes to looking for a private piano teacher in Singapore, there are several ways you can do so. Some of the methods are better, while others are not so great.

First method, and my greatest recommendation to you as a fellow Singaporean, is to simply Google and search for a piano teacher agency. There are agencies which will match you up and find you a suitable piano teacher at your preferred location for no service charge. This is similar to how parents find tutors for their children as well. This is because the agencies charge the music teachers a fee, not the student. As a parent, you will be paying the same amount, whether or not you go through an agency. This is why I recommend you save time and unnecessary effort by utilizing a piano teacher agency. You can simply let them know whether you are looking for kids or adult piano lessons, and they will find you the most suitable teacher. You then decide if you wish to take up on that teacher!

The second method will be to browse forums as well as classified ads in the Straits Times by teachers. Most of these places will have independent teachers touting their services in a bid to get piano students in Singapore. Although fewer teachers are using Classified section of the Straits Times to advertise in 2019, there are definitely some. But for the technology literate parents, just use forums. They are so much more effective at helping you find that piano teacher for your child! The only downside to this method is that, it can be pretty inefficient, and you do not really get any advantages over the first method mentioned above.

The third method will be to ask a friend or a relative for a simple referral. This is a great method… the only issues are: The teacher may not be keen teaching your child at your location, and if your child does not like that teacher, you will need to think of another method to look for a better piano teacher. Additionally, not everyone learns the piano in Singapore, so if you do not know any other parent friends with children who are taking music lessons, then it is nearly impossible to use this method!

So there you go! Some tips to help you find that ideal piano teacher in Singapore. Make sure to give me some thanks by getting some of my piano lamps and lighting too!

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