Is It Worth It To Be A Piano Teacher In Singapore?

Being a piano teacher is something that many Singaporean parents may have thought about as a ‘back up’ plan for their children as a career. Also, many piano and music enthusiasts also love playing and teaching, and so are considering being piano teachers themselves. Since we supply lighting for pianos throughout the world, we come into contact with a lot of Singaporean piano teachers too.

So, is it worth it to be a piano teacher in Singapore? Is the salary and income worth your time and effort? Are there sufficient leaves or time for you to rest? Or do you have to work all day? Will you be stressed all day long? While I am not a full time piano tutor, I have taught piano before in the past around 10 years ago. Here are my insights and some of the tutors whom I had met before in Singapore.

When it comes to piano teachers in Singapore, you can teach either at a music studio and be a full time employee there or work as a private piano teacher in Singapore and be self employed. Do note that some music schools have clauses in the hiring agreement which forbids you from working part time. So read those before application.

When it comes to a piano teacher at a local music school in Singapore, it is pretty normal. You do not get a pension, as that is an outdated concept. You will however receive CPF contributions as per normal as you are an employee – if you are a Singapore citizen. You will likely get between 7 to 21 days of leave a year. The average salary of a salaried piano teacher employee is between $2000 to $3500 a month. Salaries are largely the same even if you work a lot of years. The benefit is that you get normal corporate job benefits such as extra CPF contribution by the employer as well as leaves. Hours are usually around 10 or 11am onward till 8 or 9pm. There is little variation in terms of income and work-life balance when it comes to salaried piano teacher employees in Singapore regardless of the school you work for.

When it comes to private piano tutoring, this can vary largely depending on your abilities. And I am not talking about your piano playing prowess. I am referring to your abilities to market yourself, and transfer your hard earned knowledge as quickly and simple as possible to the student. Being successful as a private piano teacher is all about knowing how to get students, and keep the students for as long as possible. Most average private piano teachers in Singapore earn around $2000 to $4000 a month. Timings are flexible, as you set your own schedule with your students. However, if you add your working hours up in a week, it is approximately equivalent to that of a 9 to 6pm job. The main difference is that the hours are distributed throughout the week, and you are not exactly working throughout the hours. Some of those hours are spent travelling and is technically your leisure time. Extraordinarily hardworking piano teachers who are willing to work harder, learn to get more students, and work hard at keeping existing students can make up till $6000 to $7000! While rare, it is possible. It is not difficult as long as you pair up with a piano teacher agency such as on top of being willing to accept students more.

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