How To Avoid Bad Piano Teachers In Singapore?

If you had read today’s news, you must have read the horror story of a private piano tutor in Singapore molesting a young kid. As a parent with kids, you must be rather horrified to read such news in Singapore. So how do you avoid such bad teachers? Or perhaps in normal cases, how do you avoid finding undedicated teachers or piano teachers with no experience teaching in Singapore?

Let us first look at the various ways in which you can look for a music tutor in Singapore.

You could go online to classified ads or read newspapers and check the classified sections for such advertisements. You can then simply contact these tutors and then decide on one of them eventually. Anyone can use this method. However, there is a huge downfall as I will discuss in the later paragraphs in this same article.

You could also ask a friend for a referral. If you have a friend or family member whose child is also learning the piano, you could ask for a referral if the teacher is well reviewed.

Finally, you could turn to a good local piano teacher agency and ask for help to get recommended to a well reviewed teacher. They will automatically find someone who fits your criteria as well as location and then match you up with that piano teacher in Singapore.

I generally recommend that unless you know someone who has great reviews of his or her child’s piano teacher, to use a piano teacher agency instead. Everyone toots their own horns on classified ads and parent forums in Singapore. However, when it comes to recommendations from a friend, or from a piano teacher agency, they have zero incentive to provide you with a horrible recommendation. They will in fact be incentivized to only recommend you well reviewed tutors, so those are safer ways to avoid horrible piano teachers in Singapore.

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