parallel geometry in magenta

parallel geometry in magenta

Epic FX are experience designers: utilizing ingenuity, fabrication, light sculpture, coding, automation and industrial design to radically upgrade your commercial lighting project. Narrowing the divide between classic architectural lighting and large-scale interactive light art – we are next generation lighting consultants, and will revolutionize the way you approach light.

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We offer you the newest innovations: LED lighting and pixel mapping, robotics, projections, holograms, geometric lasers, solar power, LED video, algorithmic 3D content, IR tracking cameras, augmented reality, creative coding, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and sensors to create fully integrated, smart, sustainable and intelligent lighting solutions for your Fountainbleau space. LEDs are highly energy efficient, and when adding dynamic sensors, artificial intelligence and automation systems we can further reduce power usage.

We create adaptive lighting systems and design immersive spaces in Fountainbleau and around the world. Light color temperature, ambient sounds, dynamic light mapping and generative visual content can respond to the persons engaging with and occupying your space. Almost any data source, from human behavior to environmental variables (physiological data, mobile devices, temperature, motion, sound and online data) can modulate the feel, look, mood and overall atmosphere. We develop the custom software to bring these elements together resulting in a unique, memorable and more “human” experience.

Envisioning a stunning interactive light sculpture on the facade of your luxury hotel?
Perhaps you need an interactive kiosk that uses touch sensors and facial emotion tracking?Looking for a massive, responsive LED video wall installation in your public space?Considering designing an interactive, solar powered, sound healing community space?What about creating a continually evolving space that incorporates movement, sound, emotional states and more? We can visualize, consult, design, fabricate and install all of these and beyond. Call us today and let’s start the conversation: 888-995-3742


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Fountainbleau laser projection